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#1 Source for Online Cannabis Coupon Codes

Save On Cannabis was started to be the most comprehensive website for cannabis coupon codes.  As legalization happens across the world, more and more marijuana products and services will sell cannabis online.  This site was started by Brad Ungar after co-building a cannabis delivery service in Los Angeles, as he saw the need for an outlet where online cannabis businesses could showcase their products and services while also providing medical and recreational marijuana users a place to get discounts to make usage more accessible and affordable.

Here at Save On Cannabis we will hunt out the best promo codes for cannabis products and services and post them here and verify them.  Any verified listing on Save On Cannabis will show as ***SAVE ON CANNABIS VERIFIED COUPON*** which shows that we have verified the validity of the cannabis coupon code.

Since we know we can’t find every great cannabis coupon code, we have also built our site to allow user submission of marijuana promo codes.  This means that whenever you find a cannabis coupon code you can come on by to register as a user and submit the online promo code here to make sure that we stay updated with all the best online cannabis coupon codes.

How we find the best online cannabis coupon codes.

We not only search the web for cannabis coupon codes regularly, but we also make partnerships with the best online marijuana brands and services to get exclusive coupons for our visitors.  By making partnerships with cannabis brands and dispensaries directly we get to guarantee the reliability of our cannabis coupon codes for online usage as well as have extended expiration or unlimited time frames for our online promo codes.

When users submit their own online cannabis coupon codes we always check their validity before allowing them to be published on the site.  We work hard to make sure that our site has valid promo codes, which aren’t expired or phony.

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How we make money listing cannabis coupon codes to keep the site alive for you.

It takes time and money to keep this site up and running, to find the coupon codes, and build the relationships which allow us to present the best selection of marijuana promo codes online at all times.  We will never ask for money and are not looking to charge for our services, but we do have a way to make money that can keep us afloat and be a natural way for you to shop.

Our site makes money through affiliate links, which means that all you have to do to help us get some money to continue providing our services for you on a regular basis is to always click through our coupon links when you make a purchase on one of our partner sites.

By clicking through our site and pressing our links to open the brand’s site windows we will get a small percentage of your final purchase with the vendor.  This will not cost you any more money and will always allow you to use our coupon codes to save money.  Whenever you click through our links, you save money and we make a small amount of money each purchase to help keep this site running.

Save On Cannabis: Trusted Cannabis Coupon Codes and Review Site

More than cannabis coupon codes, we are also a trusted cannabis reviews website.

Since we have an inner knowledge of the major online cannabis brands and services, it positions us perfectly to also post reviews on the services and products we come across.  These reviews may be written directly by our team or be found from other trusted online sources.

Whenever we post a review from another source other than our own team, we will always list the source and link back to the review site.

It is our goal to offer reviews for all the brands and services we post coupon codes for across our site, allowing you an opportunity to review the brands on our site and then immediately utilize a coupon code on their site.

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Submit your own reviews for any of the stores and cannabis coupon codes listed on our site.

On any of the store pages of our site, you can submit your own review for the product or service.  After you register for our site you can leave a review, this process makes sure that only real people are leaving reviews for the brands and services.  Our team will review the submitted reviews to verify that they are legit before they are published to our site.  This feature will allow our site to be a source of user generated reviews that you can trust, which will also provide you with the most trusted and comprehensive reviews for cannabis brands and services that sell legal medical or recreational marijuana online.

As a registered user of our site you also have the ability to review the actual cannabis coupon codes on our site.  The user reviews on our cannabis coupon codes provide an extra layer of authentication for the coupons validity.  A simple star rating system makes it quick and easy to verify our coupons.

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Our future.

As the cannabis industry keeps expanding and normalizes we will be constantly updating our site with all the best online options for cannabis purchasing.  We are passionate about normalizing online cannabis purchasing and making it easy for you to save money while shopping respected and trustworthy brands.  As we continue our mission, we are always welcoming to any feedback or comments.  Please feel free to reach out to us at any time by email at [email protected]  Thanks for coming by and using our services, it makes us happy to provide our services to you and really strive to make your experience exceptional on each visit.



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