The Benefits of CBD Coffee

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The Benefits of CBD Coffee

With so many companies capitalizing on the CBD trend, it’s no wonder the cannabinoid has found its way into our morning coffee. Several brands are offering their very own CBD coffee infusions. New products range from cannabidiol add-ins to coffee beans roasted with cannabis. Coffee shops are making the beverage accessible to anyone who’s curious about its benefits, but you may be asking “What’s the point?”

Raving fans have positive things to say about cannabidiol and caffeine. One person described the effects of the combination by saying they felt “perky and alert, but calm.” Another fan described the two to be “like peanut butter and jelly.” He said a bit of coffee alongside his cannabidiol dose negated the sleepiness he usually experienced. Many people agree CBD in coffee seems to give them an extra boost and lowers their anxiety throughout the day. But according to some of CBD coffee’s biggest brands, there’s more to it than that.

The cannabidiol may aid a lot of your daily activities by promoting focus. It may even help fatigue long after the “caffeine high” has worn off. Some research suggests that a cup in the morning may help suppress appetite all day. All these benefits may be the reason that CBD coffee is competing with other top wellness drinks. There are many ways to consume CBD. For many people, cannabidiol-infused coffee is the most convenient.

CBD Coffee for Healthy Energy

While many people associate cannabis with feeling sleepy, CBD may make you feel quite the opposite. CBD may be an effective treatment for insomnia, but not because it induces sleep. It promotes energy and focus during wake cycles to help the body rest better during sleep cycles. But, CBD isn’t exactly a sedative or a stimulant.

Cannabidiol has what is called a “biphasic effect.” In small doses, it acts as a stimulant. In larger doses, it can have the exact opposite effect. “Large” and “small” are only relative terms, though, and the “dosing threshold” will vary person to person. This is the same idea that applies to many substances, like alcohol.

By this science, a small amount of cannabidiol added to your coffee can actually boost the energizing effects. One study identified cannabidiol as a wake-inducing agent. Most participants related high-CBD cannabis products to greater energy levels.

CBD actually binds with the same adenosine receptors as caffeine. Adenosine can make you feel sleepy when absorbed. Caffeine and cannabidiol may promote focus and alertness by preventing its absorption. CBD may also help increase focus by reducing hyperactivity, the main symptom of ADHD. This may help clear brain pathways and increase cognitive function.

A Cup of Coffee That Lowers Stress Levels

One of the reasons that cannabidiol increases your ability to focus is because it can drastically lower cortisol levels. Cortisol, the stress hormone, can disturb cognitive function. Of course, lowering stress levels is good for more than improving focus. Lower stress levels may benefit your wellness as a whole.

Too much cortisol can be detrimental. According to the American Psychological Association, chronic stress can cause physical stress on your body, fatigue, and irritability. They also report that stress has a direct impact on your ability to focus. Higher stress levels lead to decreased concentration. Chronic stress can lead to increased risk of disease, which may be due to the increased risk of tobacco or substance use.

So can a single cup of CBD coffee in the morning help protect you from these stress-induced risks? Researchers at Washington State University found that it might. Subjects who consumed small doses of cannabidiol produced less cortisol as a response to stressful situations.

The key to this study, though, is what makes CBD coffee so useful. Researchers linked CBD’s effects on cortisol to long-term, regular cannabinoid use. Subjects did not consume any CBD the day of data collection. Instead, the effects may be due to a buildup of CBD in the body. Researchers say regular CBD use may lead to a more active endocannabinoid system over time. This suggests that having CBD coffee every morning improves your body’s ability to fight stress before it starts. Lower cortisol levels could why so many people reported lower anxiety levels after drinking cannabidiol-infused beverages.

Cannabidiol May Prevent Coffee Jitters

For some people, coffee may cause adverse side effects. This may especially be true for people with caffeine sensitivities. One of the most popular reasons people avoid coffee is to avoid the jitters that may come along with it. Cannabidiol may help prevent these side effects, making coffee accessible to more people.

CBD coffee drinkers notice this effect and seem pleasantly surprised. Users note that there are “no unwelcome effects.” They also reported that you don’t feel the “edginess that usually comes with coffee.”

Researchers haven’t exactly explained why CBD may have this effect, but there is plenty of evidence to support the idea. When caffeine prevents the re-absorption of adenosine, it signals the body to produce less adenosine. Studies show that preventing adenosine production leads to increased blood pressure and cortisol levels. Both of these effects may lead to jitters for many people.

CBD may have the ability to balance adenosine production in the brain, preventing the cortisol spike. Other evidence suggests cannabidiol has the ability to reduce blood pressure. Combined, these effects may help combat caffeine-induced jitters.

Another reason coffee may lead to the jitters is that of its tendency to spike anxiety. Cannabidiol may help prevent anxiety to help prevent coffee jitters. CBD may act as a muscle relaxant, too which may help it combat other “unwelcome effects.” This could include side effects related to caffeine, like muscle tension and teeth grinding.

Caffeine and Cannabidiol Control Appetite & Cravings

Caffeine may help ward off cravings and control appetite. For this reason, it’s often used in weight loss supplements. Caffeine also stimulates thermogenesis, which encourages the body to burn calories.

Cannabidiol might complement these effects, too. Studies show that CBD has a direct impact on the hypothalamus glands. This area of the brain controls appetite-related hormones. One hormone, ghrelin, stimulates hunger. Another, called leptin, makes you feel full.

Research shows that CBD is able to block CB-1 receptors to reduce ghrelin production. It also may stimulate leptin product, helping you fight off hunger cravings for much longer than caffeine. The effects of cannabidiol often last 4-6 hours. Caffeine is much shorter lived, only lasting around 3-4.

One study even suggests that cannabidiol may have a significant effect on weight loss because it speeds the fat browning process. White fat cells generally store fat and energy. Brown fat cells (often found in “baby fat”) often produce more heat and burn off the majority of their energy. Increased fat browning may increase your body’s ability to keep warm. It could also have an impact on your body’s ability to maintain homeostasis. Evidence suggests fat browning may be useful for combating obesity and diabetes.

CBD In the Morning May Help You Sleep At Night

If someone told you to drink coffee to cure your insomnia, you’d think twice. It’s not as insane as it sounds, though. There is some evidence that suggests CBD coffee can help improve sleep quality. This may even be true when taken regularly in the mornings.

Tie this back in with its ability to increase focus and prevent fatigue and it starts to make sense. Cannabidiol may fight insomnia and promote restful sleep. It does so by regulating sleep-wake cycles during the day. A cup of cannabidiol infused coffee in the morning could lead to a more energized, productive day.

Cannabidiol in the mornings may also prevent fatigue and the urge to nap during the day. Less daytime fatigue may lead to an easier time falling asleep at night. One study shows that cannabidiol is able to regulate sleep stability, too. This may result in increased sleep time.

Of course, you’ll want to avoid drinking any coffee within five hours of bedtime, which could result in completely reverse effects. Getting more sleep at night has tons of benefits. Good sleep habits can lead to a longer life expectancy. It may also result in improved skin health, improved memory, and decreased depression.

How to Take Your CBD with Coffee

After weighing the benefits of CBD-infused coffee, you may be wondering how you can hop onto this wellness trend, too. Luckily, many brands are working to make CBD coffee accessible. Many popular restaurants have already added CBD-infused foods and drinks to the list, and cafes are no different.

There are many ways to take your CBD coffee. Some coffee brands feature CBD-infused coffee beans. Other companies may add their own CBD oil to the mix, creating a cannabis-infused version of bulletproof coffee, which has benefits of its own. Both ways work, though some people argue that CBD oil doesn’t hold up as well to the hot temperatures.

The important factor, though, is knowing your best dose. Most coffee concoctions you buy at a shop will deliver 5-15mg of CBD. CBD-infused beans that you can brew at home generally feature similar small doses. If you brew your own coffee and then add your own CBD isolate or oil, you can add as little or as much as you please.

Most evidence suggests you’ll want to stick to small doses, though. Large doses of CBD might make you sleepy. Daytime fatigue may increase the urge to eat for energy. It may also increase your susceptibility to stress. Taking too much CBD with your coffee can make it a bit counterproductive.

Other than watching the dose, you can dress your coffee however you please. No matter how you take it, one cup of CBD-infused coffee a day may change the way you view your mornings. Better mornings and energized days may continue to benefit you through the night.

Final Thoughts on CBD Coffee

Many people have already had the pleasure of trying this new morning health trend, and it seems like the bulk of the reports have only good things to say. CBD coffee brings many potential benefits that may make it right for any coffee drinker. Its ability to potentially boost your energy levels, control your appetite, and help you fight off stress makes it a no-brainer for most people.

For those who already take cannabidiol every day, the convenience of having it infused into their regular morning coffee makes it even more accessible. Although most people can enjoy the cannabidiol concoction with no side effects, it may not agree with everyone. If you try CBD coffee and feel too sleepy, nauseous, or otherwise ill, you may need to adjust your dose.

Of course, if you plan to incorporate a cup every day, you should always talk to your doctor. Cannabidiol is a health supplement that can be used regularly by most people, but it’s always best to include your doctor when you make any changes to your health routine. Otherwise, a hot cup of CBD coffee may be the only thing standing between you and more energized, enjoyable mornings.

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