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What Are CBD Concentrates?

CBD Concentrates are one of the most frequently prescribed cannabidiol products for medicinal use but are also available for purchase without a prescription. They are sometimes used recreationally or added to other recreational products in order to boost the CBD content.

Concentrates are the most potent forms of cannabidiol and are potentially useful for managing an array of chronic conditions. Many people turn to this form of CBD because it allows them to easily take maximum doses when necessary.CBD concentrates often feature purities up to 99% making them the most potent form of cannabidiol supplements on the market.

Concentrates come in several different forms and may be extracted from the cannabis plant in many ways. Two of the most popular extraction methods for CBD concentrates are alcohol extraction and butane extraction. The method used to complete the extraction process has a heavy hand in determining the type and quality of the final product. Some popular types of CBD concentrate include:

  • Isolates: Isolates are a powdered form of cannabidiol that generally features around a 99% purity. They can easily be sprinkled on food, added to a beverage, or taken orally. Some people add isolate to their vape oil in order to create a CBD infused vape.
  • Oil and Wax (Dabs): Oil and wax areA concentrated oil is similar to a tincture, but must be added to an oil rig and smoked in order to reap its benefits. Oil is often popular for medicinal use because when it is heated it vaporizes. This allows it to enter the body and quickly take effect.
  • CBD Extract Oil (Decarboxylized): This is another waxy form of cannabidiol that features a potency up to 99%. However, this type of product is sold in a syringe that makes it easy to measure precise doses. It is decarboxylized previous to purchase, which means no heat is necessary in order to activate the cannabinoids. This oil can be taken orally in order to consume potent doses of cannabidiol and is the most popular form of concentrate used by cancer patients.
  • Shatter: Shatter is often chosen for recreational use due to the style in which is it smoked. However, it brings many of the same benefits to the table as other forms of concentrates and could be utilized for medicinal use as well. Shatter is another waxy concentrate but is much more rigid. Instead of coming in liquid form, it comes in crumbly hard pieces that can be broken off and easily dropping in a dab rig to be vaporized.

Who Should Use CBD Concentrates?

Like all cannabidiol supplements, CBD concentrates carry an array of potential benefits that may be useful for many medicinal applications. However, they are most often used for taking large doses of cannabidiol. This means that some people may prefer concentrates over other forms of CBD. You may find them useful if:

  • You suffer from a chronic condition the requires you to take large doses of CBD.
  • You want to use concentrated cannabidiol to make your own products, like edibles or vape oils.
  • You take small to medium sized doses but want to buy a concentrated form of cannabidiol in order to save money.
  • You prefer an oral supplement instead of a topical.

CBD Concentrate Uses

Although cannabidiol concentrates are often considered useful across the board, there are some conditions that are treated this way more often than others. Some of the most popular health conditions that have people turning to concentrates are:

  • Cancer: Cannabidiol may be useful for treating some forms of cancer, though more research is needed to identify it as a cure. However, many studies have shown its ability to aid in cancer therapies by shrinking tumor size. Another study showed CBD’s ability to kill cancer cells in a petri dish. Many people have used cannabis to treat their cancer and cancer symptoms with great results, but it usually requires a large dose to be effective.
  • Cancer Therapy Side Effects: The side effects related to cancer therapies, like radiation or chemotherapy, are often severe. They could include nausea, tiredness and fatigue, loss of appetite, pain, and more. Luckily, many studies have shown cannabidiol’s ability to help ease these side effects. It may have the ability to reduce nausea and increase appetite. It may also help reduce pain, promote focus and energy, and regulate sleep cycles.
  • Pain: One of the most frequently treated conditions where patients turn to cannabidiol is chronic pain. In severe cases, like where opiates are required, large doses of cannabidiol may be an alternative. Studies show cannabidiol’s ability to help control the communication of pain from the injury site to the brain. This lowers pain levels and may be able to erase pain completely with regular doses.
  • Inflammation: Just like it does with pain, cannabidiol can decrease inflammation by blocking signals to the brain. Less inflammation often means less pain, and in conditions where the inflammation is in the joints (arthritis), it may be able to give you increases range of motion.
  • Neurological Disorders: Neurological concerns are another big reason that people are turning to cannabidiol. Studies show that the supplement may be useful for a range of conditions, like treating epilepsy (even in pediatric patients) or Parkinson’s disease. Another study has looked at cannabidiol’s ability to help control tremors related to Parkinson’s. Researchers claim that cannabidiol has neuroprotective properties that may act as a preventative measure against neurological conditions or the worsening of existing conditions.

What Do CBD Concentrates Taste Like?

Every CBD concentrate brand and product has a different flavor. At their core, though, they all have the same hemp-like taste. Many people describe the flavor of hemp as a nutty flavor. Some CBD concentrate products are flavored with other natural flavorings. Most often though, concentrates remain pure in order to offer the highest potency possible.

If you are interested in concentrates by aren’t a fan of the hempy flavor, you can always add the concentrate to your meals or use them to make edibles to mask the flavor. CBD isolates are a great option for this.

Should I Take CBD Concentrates?

If you are already taking high doses of another form of cannabidiol, like edibles or tinctures, then concentrates may be a better option. They could make it easier for you to take large doses and may even save you money.

Because of their wide range of applications, concentrates are a great option for many people. However, before you decide to incorporate concentrates into your regular health and lifestyle routine, you should talk with your doctor. He or she will be able to help you decide in cannabidiol is right for you. If you and your doctor determining that CBD may help improve your conditions, then he or she will help you determine if concentrates are the best route.