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What is CBD Gum?

CBD gum is a popular product that my work as an alternative to other cannabidiol supplements to treat a wide range of conditions. Many people choose CBD chewing gum because they prefer the long-lasting flavor and discreet packaging, which allows them to easily carry their dose with them to use throughout the day.

Chewing gum may carry all of the same benefits as other dosing methods, so it may be useful for treating many ailments, including chronic conditions. People use convenient, pre-packaged gum for managing conditions like arthritis, anxiety, pain, and more.

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Who May Benefit From CBD Gum?

Cannabidiol gum carries all of the same benefits as other cannabidiol supplements and may be useful for anyone who uses CBD. Chewing gum may also be the best option for new CDB users since it allows you to naturally incorporate cannabidiol into your routine with very little fuss.

Gum may be best for adults and adolescents, by may not be the best option for children, elderly patients, or anyone with weak teeth. The many flavors, potencies, and formulas may make gum useful for treating nearly any disorder that is commonly treated with cannabidiol.

CBD chewing gum may be the best option for you if:

  • You take CBD regularly and need a long-lasting dose to treat chronic conditions.
  • You benefit from small or medium doses of cannabidiol.
  • You are using CBD as an appetite suppressant and think the chewing gum may help you achieve your weight loss goals.
  • You do not care for the flavor of cannabidiol tinctures, concentrates, or oils.
  • You do not easily swallow pills or other CBD supplements.
  • You would benefit from a pre-measured dose or CBD that is pre-packaged and easy to carry.
  • You want a cannabidiol dose that is discreet and easy to use throughout the day.
  • You already regular chew gum and want to add cannabidiol to your natural routine.

What Does CBD Gum Taste Like?

CBD gum is available in a range of flavors, like mint, assorted fruits, or cinnamon. This makes them useful for a wide range of people, especially those who do not care for the flavor of cannabidiol tinctures or concentrates. Many people agree that CBD gum helps masl the “hemp” flavor associated with cannabidiol products, which is usually described as a “nutty” flavor.

Many people enjoy the long-lasting flavor of CBD gum. Sweet, fruit flavors may help resolve a sudden sugar craving. Mint flavors may help curb appetite and freshen breath, all while delivering a pre-measured dose of cannabidiol to help ease your symptoms.

How Long Does CBD Gum Take to Work?

CBD gum may take longer to kick in than some other supplements, like tinctures or concentrates because it must be processed partially by digestion. Luckily, chewing gum is processed by saliva as soon as it enters the mouth, which means you may not wait the 1-2 hours that is common for cannabidiol edibles.

Instead, CBD gum may begin to take effect after 30 minutes. Some people report that the effects of cannabidiol gum last longer than other, more immediate supplements. This is because the gum delivers CBD to the body in small, consistent doses as you chew. The effects of the gum may last anywhere from 4-6 hours, which may make it effective for treating some chronic conditions.

CBD Gum Dosing Information

Cannabidiol gum is available in a wide range of doses. This includes doses as low as 1 mg per serving, as well as higher doses around 15-30 mg of CBD. It is best to choose a product that is close to your desired dose, since CBD gum is not the best product for stacking doses. Many people find gum to be convenient since there is no measuring or uncertainty involved.

If you are unsure of what dose to choose, talk to your doctor. The best cannabidiol dose for you will vary based on your weight, age, health conditions, and other biological factors. You and your doctor should work together to decide what dose will best fit your needs.

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