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What Are CBD Inhalers?

A CBD inhaler is made like a regular asthma inhaler and features a premeasured dose of CBD vapor with each inhalation. CBD inhalers are one of the newest dosing methods but are quickly gaining popularity among medical consumers. When CBD is inhaled in any form, it's able to take effect in only minutes, which makes it one of the quickest delivery methods available.

Plus, CBD inhalers are incredibly convenient for many users because they are discreet and compact. An inhaler can be tossed into your pocket or purse and used virtually anywhere since they produce no heavy vapor runoff or smells. They carry all of the same benefits as the many other cannabidiol dosing methods, which means they could potentially be useful for treating a wide range of medical conditions or health concerns.

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Who Should Use a CBD Inhaler?

There are several benefits to this dosing method when compared to other popular methods, like cannabidiol tinctures, edibles, or pills. CBD inhalers may be the best choice for you if:

  • You suffer from chronic conditions and need quick relief.
  • You want a discreet dosing method that makes it easy to discreetly dose throughout the day.
  • You don't care for the taste of tinctures, edibles, or other products and would enjoy the mild flavor of CBD inhalers.
  • You would benefit from easy, quick, premeasured doses of cannabidiol throughout the day.
  • You’d like a method that lets you easily “stack” cannabidiol doses throughout the day.

If you think you would benefit from a CBD inhaler, talk to your doctor about the dosing method. If your doctor agrees that cannabidiol is right for you, he will help you choose the best dosing method and regimen for your lifestyle and routine.

Medicinal and Recreational Uses for CBD Inhaler

Like all cannabidiol supplements, CBD inhalers have a wide range of uses. With CBD rapidly gaining popularity, research is skyrocketing concerning CBD in the health, fitness, and beauty markets. Still, the bulk of the cannabidiol buzz centers around its medicinal benefits.

While CBD inhalers carry all of the same benefits of other cannabidiol supplements, they are most often chosen by medicinal users. They are frequently the top choice of patients suffering from chronic conditions, mostly because of the quick dosing style. Some of the conditions that are frequently treated with a CBD inhaler include:

  • Arthritis: Cannabidiol is popular for the anti-inflammatory effects that may make it useful for treating arthritis and other inflammatory conditions. The cannabidiol is able to bind with certain receptors throughout the body to prevent certain signals to the brain that stimulate inflammation. Some studies suggest that CBD may be especially beneficial for treating pain associated with arthritis because of its direct involvement with the endocannabinoid system. Additionally, it may help promote relaxation, which can help reduce tension at the affected area.
  • Anxiety: Cannabidiol has shown anxiolytic effects in several studies, which may be the reason it is often used to treat anxiety disorders. Cannabidiol is popularly chosen for treating social anxiety, but it may be useful for reducing anxiety all around. CBD inhalers may be especially useful for conditions that cause sudden anxiety attacks, like panic attacks, because they are able to take effect quickly.
  • Chronic Pain: CBD inhalers are a top choice for patients with chronic pain because they work to quickly relieve discomfort. Studies suggest that cannabidiol is able to bind with receptors in the brain to help prevent the exchange of pain signals.By blocking the signal, CBD may be able to reduce pain related to nearly any condition, including mild, moderate, and severe pain. This makes it useful for a range of conditions that cause pain, postoperative recovery, pain due to injury or muscle soreness.
  • Muscle Tremors or Spasms: Studies have look at CBD’s effect on tremors and muscle spasms related to various conditions, like Parkinson’s or multiple sclerosis. This could be because of CBD’s ability to react with both CB1 and CB2 receptors to interrupt signals required to incite spasms. For patient’s with multiple sclerosis, studies show that regular CBD use may be able to reduce the severity and frequency of these spasms.

Some CBD inhalers are formulated with other terpenes, essential oils, and natural additives to be used for recreational purposes. CBD inhaler brands offer a wide range of products like these, and you will often find inhalers that promote energy, focus, general wellness, relaxation, and other therapeutic effects.

How Long Will a CBD Inhaler Take to Kick In?

Inhalers are one of the most direct methods for dosing cannabidiol. Each inhalation will contain a measured dose (which varies by product) that is inhaled directly into the lungs. It passes into the bloodstream almost immediately, which means you can feel the effects of the cannabidiol within a few minutes.

At most, you should feel the full effects of your CBD inhaler dose within 15 minutes. The effects should last about as long as other dosing methods. The lifespan of cannabidiol’s effects can vary by the person based on weight, gender, health conditions, or other lifestyle factors. You can usually expect the effects of cannabidiol to last 4-6 hours.

CBD Inhaler Dosing Information

The appropriate cannabidiol dose varies greatly for each person based on several factors such as weight, health conditions, bodily chemistry, gender, and lifestyle factors. If you think cannabidiol is right for you, work with your doctor to design a dosing plan.

You and your doctor should work together to decide on a starting dose for your cannabidiol treatment. You should start low and move up from there. You should never increase your cannabidiol dose without talking to your doctor.

Using a CBD inhaler provides a unique dosing opportunity that allows you to easily “stack” doses throughout the day. This means that a low potency inhaler will deliver small doses of cannabidiol with each dose (like 5mg). Because they kick in quickly, it is easy to stack doses as needed to find your appropriate dose. Higher potency inhalers are available as well for people who are sure of their dose and require higher doses.

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