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CBD for Dogs & Cats

Cannabidiol (CBD) offers an all-natural alternative medicine that may be helpful in treating your pet’s discomfort and supplementing their dietary needs. CBD products are derived from the cannabis plant and contain no harmful additives, like dyes or fragrance. Most research reveals that CBD is safe and non-toxic, even in large doses.

CBD does not include the psychoactive effects of THC, so your pets will not experience a “high” commonly associated with cannabis products. Most animals are sensitive to THC, and the associated high may be unpleasant. Many dogs do benefit from cannabidiol, though, which is why CBD products without THC are so popular with pet owners.

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Benefits of Cannabidiol for Dogs & Cats

The many benefits of cannabidiol for pets are being discovered by scientists and users daily. All mammals are seeing a wide range of medical benefits from this non-psychoactive cannabinoid. The natural wellness properties of CBD and its support of the endocannabinoid system promotes cardiovascular function, supports healthy joints, and promotes neurological health and balanced emotional behavior. CBD for pets can also help regulate a wide array of the body’s functions like mood, appetite, sleep, hormone production, and even pain and immune system responses.

Most people use CBD for pets (or themselves) when there is pain or trouble with their joints, inflammation and anxiety, but it is also a great supplement for healthy pets and humans. CBD oil supports the maintenance of a complete and healthy diet. More than a source of cannabidiol and other trace cannabinoids, CBD oil also offers nutrients that are often insufficient in our pet’s current diet.

CBD hemp oil for your pet is a natural source of essential vitamins and minerals like:

  • B complex vitamins
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium

Other beneficial elements found in CBD oil for pets include fatty acids, protein, terpenes, and flavonoids. These dietary nutrients are critical in allowing your body to function efficiently and can help balance your pet’s diet and fill in where their regular kibble may be lacking.

Common Dog & Cat Ailments That May Improve With CBD

Many people turn to CBD for pets to replace other medications or reduce their pet’s discomfort. Evidence shows that there are several uses for CBD oil that may make it an effective treatment for your pet. Some of the most common conditions that may benefit from the use of CBD include:

  • Anxiety: Both social anxiety and separation anxiety are common in dogs. For many canines, anxiety results in poor behavior, fear, reduced appetite and discomfort. One study shows CBD as an effective treatment for managing anxiety, which may help reduce these behaviors and help your pet feel comfortable and relaxed, even in situations that are usually stressful.
  • Cancer: Several studies claim that CBD may have positive effects on cancer patients. One study shows that cannabidiol is able to stop the production of cancer cells, while others show that it can reduce the size of cancerous tumors. Cannabidiol has other effects that may help manage cancer-related symptoms, like reducing nausea, managing pain, and encouraging a healthy appetite.
  • Pain and Inflammation: Cannabidiol may help control our nervous systems response to injury, pain, or inflammation. It has shown to help decrease inflammation and prevent pain signals from reaching the brain. This may help reduce discomfort related to arthritis, hip dysplasia, or other injuries in dogs.
  • Loss of Appetite: In pet’s suffering from other illnesses that may cause nausea, loss of appetite is often a problem. Poor diet can result in worsening conditions and being underweight. Cannabidiol may help reduce this nausea, which allows your pet’s appetite to increase.
  • Obesity: Some studies show that cannabidiol is able to help control hunger, which may help reduce the food intake of obese pets.
  • Skin Irritation: Cannabidiol reacts with CB-1 receptors in the skin and has shown evidence of its ability to treat conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and other conditions causing dry or flaky skin that may cause your pet discomfort. Hemp oil is full of fatty acids and other lipids that help nourish and moisturize the skin and promote healing.

It should be noted that while most evidence tends to lean toward the idea of cannabidiol use for humans, most of the studies involve testing on mice. CBD products for dogs are specifically created for animals, while CBD products marketed towards humans could contain other additives that are dangerous for pets, like essential oils. Always speak with your vet before choosing a CBD product for your pet. He or she will be able to guide you through choosing a dosing method and a specific dose that is right for you and your furry friend.

Choosing The Right CBD Product for Your Pet

There are multiple different types of cannabidiol products that may benefit your pet, each with their own specific dosing methods. Determining the best method for your pet will depend on a number of factors, like what condition you are hoping to treat, your pet’s preference, and the potency required for each dose. Some of the most popular products for pets include:

  • CBD Tinctures: Tinctures offer a great solution to quickly and easily deliver the benefits of cannabidiol to your pet. Tinctures are a concentrated, liquid form of cannabidiol that can be dropped under the tongue or added to your pet’s food. It may be an easy method for a picky pet since the cannabidiol is absorbed almost immediately after contact with your pet’s mouth.This is a convenient option for controlling your pet’s dose since tinctures can be purchased in a range of potencies. Some pre-portioned CBD options make it difficult to increase the dose in small increments, but tinctures make it easy to add another drop to your pet’s daily dose.
  • CBD Concentrates: Concentrates are easy to distribute orally like tinctures, but often come in much higher potencies. Depending on the potency of each product, one rice sized amount of a concentrate may have the same amount of cannabidiol as multiple drops of a tincture. This may be the best method if your pet requires higher doses of cannabidiol.
  • CBD Dog Treats: There are CBD pet brands that make a variety of products for your animal, but some of the most popular options are CBD dog treats and cat treats. Sneaking medication into your pet’s diet is often tricky, but a CBD dog treat provides an enjoyable option for your dog. CBD cat treats are also starting to show up for your furry friends. These treats feature pre-portioned cannabidiol doses, so they make for a convenient and tasty option for dosing your pet.Although it is easy to get your pet to want to eat a CBD dog treat, you will have to pay attention to proper dosing for your animal based on weight and size. While it may make your pet happy to munch on a tasty CBD pet treat, too much of the cannabidiol can have adverse effects. While an animal will not overdose or be in grave danger, they may get very tired or lethargic if they eat too much.
  • CBD Topicals: Topicals may be the best option for treating skin conditions or some muscle and joint pain. Topicals come in many forms, like salves, lotions, and creams. They may help treat certain conditions in pets, like dry skin, eczema, allergic reaction, or help promote healing of sores or wounds.When using a CBD topical for pets, remember that topicals often contain other additives, like terpenes and essential oils, that may be beneficial for these skin conditions. However, dogs as well as cats have a tendency to lick any topical products applied to their skin. Some of these essential oils may make your dog sick upon ingestion, so choose your product wisely and try to help your pet refrain from ingesting topicals.

Each pet has an individual health profile and unique needs, so there is no magic bullet approach for choosing the best CBD product. You and your vet should discuss your pet’s needs to help you determine which dosing method is best.

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