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What is CBD Syrup?

CBD syrup made its way into the market as a popular cannabidiol supplement because it appeals to some people as an easy dosing method. CBD syrup is measured and taken just like any cough syrup or other liquid medicine, which may help people take cannabidiol without breaking a “normal” routine. Plus, syrups are available in many different strengths and flavors, which gives the user many options when choosing the best product for their routine.

Some CBD syrups exhibit a specific benefit. Many liquid cannabidiol supplements feature nanotechnology that locks tiny CBD particles to the liquid’s molecules. These small CBD particles are more easily processed by the body and spread more quickly, which may make them more efficient for treating chronic illness. This also increases the medicines bioavailability, which means the body can use more of the medicines cannabidiol content before it leaves the body as waste.

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Who Will Benefit from CBD Syrup?

Syrups and liquid CBD supplements may be the best option for many people who take cannabidiol every day. It is generally best for people who take their CBD dose at a similar time each day. They are popular for consumers of all ages but are most often chosen for children or elderly patients (when directed by a doctor). CBD syrups come in a range of flavors and potencies that make them appropriate for many users. You may benefit from this dosing method if:

  • You take cannabidiol at the same time every morning or night. CBD syrup makes it easy to pour a dose right from your medicine cabinet every day, but may not be the best method for portability.
  • You use CBD for mild to moderate conditions, or conditions that benefit from regularly spaced doses.
  • You are a child or elderly person who does not easily swallow pills but could easily consume cannabidiol in liquid form.
  • You like the idea of easy-to-measure liquids, as opposed to some of the more complex dosing methods.
  • You need to be able to accurately measure a dose every time.
  • You prefer the assorted flavors of CBD liquid supplements over the flavor of other cannabidiol products.

If you think CBD syrups may be the best option for you, talk to your doctor. If you and your doctor decide that you may benefit from CBD syrup, you will need to work with your doctor to create a cannabidiol routine that works for you. Because CBD syrup is available in different formulations and potencies, it is always best to work with your doctor to choose the best one to fit your lifestyle, health condition, and preference.

CBD Syrup Potency and Dosing Information

Cannabidiol syrups may be useful for people who take small to medium doses of cannabidiol. They are often less potent than concentrates or isolates, which are usually the top choice for users who require large doses. However, CBD brands offer syrups in a range of potencies, making it easy to find the best one for you.

Many bottles feature anywhere from 100-500mg of cannabidiol, making it possible to take doses as low as 1-5mg. This may also be suitable for people who take average doses of 10-30 mg once or twice per day.

Measuring the dose is simple with this method. Most syrups will come with a measuring cup or you can purchase your own. Each product will have dosing information on the label, or you can measure the dose yourself to create more specific doses. For instance, a four-ounce bottle contains nearly 120 mL. If this bottle has 100 mg of CBD, it offers 10 doses (almost 12 mL each) that contain 10mg of the supplement.

The best cannabidiol dose will vary for everyone. You should work with your doctor to choose a dose that works best for your lifestyle, condition, and health needs. Generally, your doctor will suggest that you start low and build up to a dose that best treats your symptoms. CBD syrup makes this easy since a dose can be accurately measured to increase your CBD intake by small amounts as needed.

How Long Does CBD Syrup Take to Kick In?

CBD syrup is not as immediate as some methods, like vaping or tinctures, because it must be at least partially processed by digestion before entering the bloodstream. Because it is already in liquid form, though, the body can easily process it as soon as it enters your mouth. In fact, CBD syrups are processed by the body beginning with the saliva.

Although they will pass partially through digestion, the syrups do not take as long as edibles to kick in. Like with most liquid medications, you can expect to feel the effects of liquid CBD supplements within 20-30 minutes. This may make them useful for a range of conditions, including some that require immediate relief.

What Does CBD Syrup Taste Like?

Liquid cannabidiol supplements are available in many different flavors. This includes standard “cough syrup” flavors, like cherry and bubblegum, as well as more exotic flavors, like assorted fruits. Some syrups may include artificial flavors, but many CBD brands strive to offer all-natural products. This means that CBD syrups could include many different flavor additives, like fruit extracts or honey, to help give them a pleasant taste.

Generally, the flavor is very tolerable and helps mask the flavor of the hemp. For people who don’t care for the flavor of regular hemp products, which is often described as “nutty,” CBD syrups may be the best option.

Some CBD syrups include added terpenes, essential oils, and herbs to help give them targeted effects. For instance, CBD syrups created to help improve focus may feature high Limonene levels, and may, therefore, have a citrusy flavor.

Many people use CBD syrups as a sort of “mixer,” which allows them to add the benefits of CBD to any regular beverage. For a stronger product, like a syrup with a potency of 500 mg of CBD, only small amounts are needed to get average doses. This means you can essentially add CBD to your regular drinks without changing the flavor much at all.

CBD Syrup Online Coupons

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