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The second water chamber present in some pipes and bongs, which allows for extra filtration before the smoke is inhaled. Pieces that feature a percolator are more difficult to make, therefore they are often more costly. They do, however, result in a cleaner hit.


A term used to describe outstanding traits that are specific to one strain. A plant’s phenotype will describe its aroma, taste, appearance, and effects after use. A crossed strain will feature a phenotype that is a combination of both of its parent’s phenotypes.


More commonly called “cannabinoids” and refer to the plant version of the molecules, as opposed to endocannabinoids, which are produced by the body.


A slang term for any smoking mechanism, like a pipe, rig, bong, or one-hitter.


A slang term for a thinly rolled joint, usually intended to be smoked by only one person.


A slang term referring to marijuana flowers, or bud.


A pre-rolled joint that can be purchased from a dispensary. Pre-rolls will be labeled with the type of bud and amount of bud they contain.

Pull ‘n’ snap

Refers to a consistency of THC concentrate that is thick and can be pulled or stretched, but snaps or breaks when acted upon with quick force.