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Oral Tincture

4 Corners Cannabis

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CBD Salve

4 Corners Cannabis

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Pet Tincture

4 Corners Cannabis

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Glycerin Tincture

4 Corners Cannabis

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Avocado Oil Tincture

4 Corners Cannabis

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4 Corners Cannabis T-Shirts

4 Corners Cannabis

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We have primarily been working with CBD genetics since 2013!


Our extraction techniques ensure the fullest representation of our genetics!


We use the information that we gain from our Clients to help others!


Legal in all 50 States!
Although our products are the same grade as medical marijuana, our THC levels are so low that our products are legally considered hemp under International Laws and legal all 50 States!
Grown Organically
We have decades of growing experience, grow our Cannabis Organically, and only use the finest ingredients that are available!
Fast Shipping
$5 flat rate shipping. We ship our orders within 24 hours. Our packages are discreet and take 2-3 business days to make it to the final destination!


Why choose 4 Corners Cannabis?
We have been creating CBD dominant hemp products for our friends and family since 2013. We have always focused on creating the best products possible. Since we are growers, we have 100% control over every aspect of our products from growing organically, to gentle extraction techniques with Organic food grade ethanol to preserve the integrity of our genetics (100X effectiveness), to sourcing only the finest ingredients to be added to our products.

We do not skip any steps. We feel our quality is unmatched in both quality and effectiveness. If you are looking for the best products on the market, then you found them!

What is CBD?
CBD (Cannabidiol) is a non-psychoactive compound that can be found in specific breeds of cannabis.

CBD on its own has very little effectiveness. This is why many people give up on products made from CBD Isolate (also known as Crystal CBD, Pharmaceutical CBD, etc.)

The Entourage Effect is the name given for how all the compounds in cannabis synergize to create much stronger effects than the sum of the individual pieces.

Our extraction methods extract both the polar and non polar plant compounds and are gentle enough to preserve the integrity of the Entourage Effect which creates the most powerful products possible.

Our products are the TRUEST full spectrum (aka Complete Spectrum Extracted) products on the market today!

Are there different effects from Vaping and Oral Consumption?
Vaping is great for quick relief as the Cannabinoids (CBD, CBC, CBG, etc) do not have to be metabolized in the liver to reach the blood stream. Due to this, less oil is needed to be consumed to get the full effects than with oral consumption, but the effects do not last as long.

Oral Consumption is great for long term relief. The effects take 30-90 minutes to be felt, but they will carry most people though out the whole day.

What are the different grades of CBD?
Grades of CBD dominant oil’s effectiveness varies 100 fold according to medical studies. While our human grade products are of 100X quality, the vast majority of CBD is either 1X or 5X quality. This means that our products have been shown to be 20-100 times more effective than the competition.

Purchasing lower grades of CBD dominant hemp products will cost you much more money in the long run and will not give you the full effects that you are looking for.

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Join our facebook group and speak with our clients. They will help ensure you that we have the best 50 State Legal CBD products in the World! Join HERE!

“Great product and the best customer service of any business I have interacted with in the last 5 years.”

~Roy~ Denver, Colorado

“Started using the vape oil this weekend. Amazing! It’s like a warm hug. No harshness at all. Love the flavor and is working great for my pain.”

~Bernadette~ Enfield, Connecticut

“I found the CBD oil to really help calm the mind. It allowed me to feel normal and not worry about every little thing. The folks at 4 Corners have the BEST customer service I’ve ever received, anywhere.”

~Gillian H~ Springfield, MO


We have 100% control from seed to finished product

Unlike companies that repackage CBD dominant hemp extracts from less than favorable sources, we use our extensive knowledge from decades of cannabis experience to ensure that every step from seed to finished product is done correctly in order to produce the safest and most effective products possible!

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FOUNDER – R&D – Owner
Justin Jasiewicz
Justin focuses much of his time working with clients and developing products to suit the changing demands in the industry.Justin has been growing Cannabis for 10 years.He works as a bridge between genetics and product development to create new ideas that revolutionize the industry. Lending an open ear to our clients, he learns as much from our clients as they from him.

4 Corners Cannabis Discount Promo Online Save On Store3
FOUNDER – Genetics – Owner
Brian Jasiewicz
Brian spends countless hours working with genetics with the goal to constantly expand and improve upon our strains.Brian has been growing Cannabis for 20 years.It is not uncommon for him to be working with over 100 different strains at any given time. His experience aids him in growing and developing the best strains in the World today.

4 Corners Cannabis Discount Promo Online Save On Store4
Head of Operations – Owner
Jimmy Haberer
Jimmy helps bring all the ideas to fruition. He is a Jack of all Trades and takes lead of the implementation of our projects.Jimmy started his first business at the age of 10 and worked on several projects with NASA during High School. He is a recent Environmental Science college graduate with a minor in Geographic Information Systems.He is learning the industry from the ground up and contributes many ideas to the business.


As leaders in the industry, we have been the first company to produce and implement many new ideas that others try to copy.


When others fail to understand the full picture, we are constantly working to bring education to the industry so people understand the science behind Cannabis.


We take our position in the industry extremely seriously and listen to the demands from our customers to better serve them in the future.

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