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Catch Feelings Before The Moment Passes

Our world today is ever-changing and becoming increasingly complex. We are inundated with streams of information, action items, requests for time, and a host of other demands that pull us in multiple directions. Gone are the days of quiet tranquillity, where we could spend the time to take in the world for all its glory, experiencing every moment for its grandeur.

At Birch + Fog, our purpose is to bring products that allow you to slow down your worlds, quiet your frantic minds, take in the moments with loved ones and dive deeper on stories; giving you a more experienced journey as you go through the magnificence of life.

Products selected based on experiences you seek – FOCUS in on that book you’ve been meaning to dive into, REFRESH your body and mind in a deep yoga session, CREATE works of art with your brush of choice, RELAX after that long week of deadlines, ENHANCE your hike with more energy while fully taking in nature’s beauty, or IGNITE those nights with your partner with deeper passion.

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What happens with Birch + Fog, stays with Birch + Fog. All orders will be discreetly packaged with no mentions of the name Birch + Fog anywhere on the order.


Your delivery is guaranteed to be hand chosen to make sure you’re getting the best. Our products are selected to ensure you get a consistent and reliable experience. Every time.


We provide resources to help teach you about the ever-changing world of Cannabis. Still have questions? Just reach out and ask


At Birch + Fog, we are driven by core values that guide our path on our products, our team, our brand and most importantly, our customer experience. Providing great experiences is at the core of our purpose whether we are talking to our teammates, our friends, our partners or our customers. Hope we can share an experience together soon.

Elevated Experiences
It starts from the time you hear about us, browsing our site, interacting with our Experience Concierges to the experience you achieve in consuming our products.

 Transparency & Authenticity
We believe transparency and openness in our communication allow us to focus on the right challenges. Through authentic conversations, we continually seek feedback from our customers on how we can create better experiences. Our data-driven approach provides us a more refined view of our world in understanding the humanity in our products.

 Growth Mindset
We focus a lot of our time on learning and developing for ourselves and for our customers. We all learn the most from failure, and at Birch + Fog, failure is never a destination but a step in the story, on our path to success.

Though we come from different sides of the tracks, our team have been consumers of cannabis for several decades and understand the nuances of different strains and products. We’ve partaken in the consumption of products ranging from the nascent period of peer-acquired “weed” we passed around in a circle to the newer more sophisticated experiences based products. One thing was clear, not all cannabis products were created equal.

We knew that there was more to it than Sativa, Indica, THC or CBD. The experiences we had while consuming were also inconsistent due to the dosage, type and quality. We decided to change that and introduce products designed to render the experience our customers wanted without the noise of strain names, or other variables.


We come from the technology and cannabis worlds, having worked on the streets and dispensaries, and in some of the largest and most successful BC based startups. With our mixed pedigree, we have created a symbiotic relationship to bring the bounty of nature that is cannabis to a wider audience. With our knowledge of customer experience and of the wonders of the cannabis plant, we believe we are best suited to translate the possibilities of cannabis to the emerging new consumer.

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