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CBD Essence

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CBD Essence

CBD Essence is the premier edibles manufacturer of legal food grade hemp infusions and extracts. Mainly Cannabidiol high in CBD for medical marijuana patients that do not want to get high from the THC psychoactive elements and disorientation that comes from the illegal or controlled cannabis variety. CBD Essence® edibles comes from either domestic US or EU Certified Industrial Agriculturally grown Hemp plants having naturally occurring high CBD and <0.3% of low THC and are considered food since they do not cause THC to enter the body.

CBD Essence has all your CBD edible needs, in tincture, capsule, and edible treats. Get them shipped worldwide discreetly and legally.

If you have asked: What is CBD Oil? It is simply the extracted botanical essences of the plant (heavy oils and resins) from the legal cannabis plant that are basically juiced under high pressure to get the bulk CBD in concentrated form.  If you are wondering if CBD Oil is used by people for anxiety and other related health issues the answer is Yes! Look up PubMed below.  Mainly because natural cannabinoids CBDs are phytonutrients that feed very important primal internal systems in your body meant to receive them which work to balance and calm the body from inflammation and oxidative stress.

Have you wondered if hemp CBD Oil is legal? Actually, Yes in all 50 states like everyone says; it is true because hemp is a great source of food and is permissible to import through U.S. Customs without any issue whatsoever as long as there is low to no thc like our CBD Oil Products. The FDA considers hemp to be a food so long as it does not cause THC to enter the body.  Our Healthy Hemp Oil products are pure & clean and Lab Tested non genetically modified (non-gmo) grown only with sustainable practices without the use of pesticides, or synthetic fertilizers on unspoiled tracts of farm land. Only Full Spectrum entourage Terpenes, Essential Oils and other Phyto-Nutrient compounds of the original beneficial plant are used so the health benefits of CBD can be more fully realized.

Our edible cannabis cbd-only products are specially created to be more highly absorptive and assimilated compared to competitors oils and resins that simply are not readily absorbed in full by the stomach when taken orally. Our high quality cbds oil pills and capsules are made into liposome formulas so the active molecules are protected in a bubble of coconut oil before digested.  Our high CBD only Oil Mouth Drops and CBD Oil Tinctures are very properly micro-aligned to be absorbed under the tongue in sublingual fashion. Use these legal cbd liberally based on your own personal needs and level of endocannabinoid system support desired. Feed the system that fuels you, the ECS System.  Research The Endocannabinoid System: An Osteopathic Perspective  and on Pub Med Health https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmedhealth/?term=cannabidiol


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