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Getting mail order cannabis in Canada has never been easier and more reliable than with Herbal Dispatch.

Signing up for the site takes minutes and you will be browsing your favorite cannabis brands in no time.


Free to join with proof of age using government-issued ID (19+).


Affordable prices on premium flowers and concentrates from Canada’s best.


Quick turnaround with Canada Post Xpresspost guaranteed shipping.

Why choose Herbal Dispatch?

TRUSTGet insane product selection, quality, and top-notch service you can TRUST. Thousands of satisfied members can’t be wrong.

COMMUNITYThousands of up-to-date member reviews ensure you know what’s what, and can buy with confidence for what’s right for you.

DISCRETIONYour package will be sent with care to ensure its contents remain undetectable until unwrapped by you.

QUALITYOnly the finest quality sinsemilla, concentrates, and derivative products from buyers with over 50 years of industry experience.

SELECTIONA wide variety of the finest Indica, Sativa, and derivative products at a variety of price points to choose from.

SERVICEUnparalleled standards of service allow you to count on your order’s delivery timing.

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