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Home of the original Martian rollie bubbler!


We design all of our products in-house to better serve the needs of the daily consumer.


Our goal is to create products that everyone can enjoy. That means finding the best quality at the best price


Our products are designed to provide the most enjoyable smoking experience and we’ve hand-inspected each one to make sure of it.

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Richard J. Rosenblood

MJ Arsenal Discount Promo Online Save On Offer3
Used to use one of my Glass Bong with “One Hit Bowl” on it to finish my marijuana cigarettes. I have witnessed many times in Real Life and on facebook where people are going for that last puff and suck flaming embers down their windpipe. then I small advertisement for the “Merlin” and went to their site. I discovered the MJ Arsenal website and was immediately sold on their “Rollie Bubblers” I have purchased The Martian, King Toke and had to have their Merlin too!

I have tried all three and am SOLD. I like to roll my own & REALLY like the Pre-Rolls that are available in my great state and these little bubblers make them even more enjoyable from beginning to end ♥ ♥ ♥

Kirsty Killmer

MJ Arsenal Discount Promo Online Save On Offer3
MJ Arsenal is amazing, not just product-wise but also the creators, I’ve been following Uncle Buck for a while now and he is a beautiful person all around which makes these products even more desirable. I bought the martian a couple months back and I am literally in love with it!!! Makes puffin on blunts and jays so smooth and enjoyable! I feel like you get more taste out of it then when you would just smoking it like a normal jay. Ever since I’ve used it I haven’t once stopped using it. I recommend this product to all my friends! It changes the blunt and joint game! #Brilliant #TheMartian #MJArsenal

Emily Ann

MJ Arsenal Discount Promo Online Save On Offer3
Love love love! The blunt bubbler itself is amazing, and ordering it from you guys was awesome. Perfect packaging, fast shipping all around happy!

Richard Dabsalot

MJ Arsenal Discount Promo Online Save On Offer3
Love my Cupid it rips just got it in the mail the other day and blazed a preroll out of it and it was smooth.

Tarlee Winston

MJ Arsenal Discount Promo Online Save On Offer3
I’m in love instinctively I just got Martian blubbler as a Xmas gift to my self

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MJ Arsenal makes the coolest mini cannabis accessories on the market!

MJA is a consumer-focused company that builds its principles upon the pillars of innovation, affordability, and functionality. We are based in Denver, Colorado and pride ourselves in pushing the boundaries of what is expected in a given product/functionality. We have taken many steps to protect our original product line with an assortment of patents (both pending and issued) as well as trademarks to ensure a fortified and recognizable brand.

We are ever humbled by our customers’ love and positive energy, it is precisely this that fuels our creative engines into the stratosphere and beyond. From Team MJA, THANK YOU and always elevate the ordinary.

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