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At SensiBox they offer two levels of subscriptions – The SensiBox Original and The SensiBox Toke OR You can try one month of SensiBox, with no obligation and a 100% Money-Back Guarantee if you don't LOVE it!

SensiBox wants to be your personal shopper bringing you unique and quality essentials each month. No need to go to the head shop, only out to your mailbox!

The SensiBox Toke carries 5 items every month, including essentials and a smaller glass piece. Every box is hand curated specifically For HER and For HIM.

The SensiBox Original carries 7+ items every month, including essentials, a larger piece of glass, gear, munchies, hemp made products & more. Every box is hand curated specifically For HER and For HIM.

For HER: Much of the jewelry included in our box is eco-friendly and Fair Trade, to help improve lives in a long-lasting and sustainable way.

For HIM: The items in our box will not be fluff or filler… It's the stuff you want and will use.

With the SensiBox Original Subscriptions, at 6 and 12 months you'll get extra add-ons for FREE!


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